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Bot commands description

Short description of Telegram bot commands

After joining the company via Telegram, you will have access to bot commands that can make work with the company easier. To get the list of available commands, send the bot /start command or click on a special button next to the “Write a message” field in Telegram:

Description of the available commands:

  1. /start – displays a list of available bot commands;
  2. /join – initiates the joining to the company procedure with bot of which you are interacting;
  3. /back – allows you to return to a previous standup question. Use the command if you need to resend the answer. You can go back to a multiple questions by entering the command several times. The command works only during launched standup;
  4. /myreports – displays a list of reports available for editing. With this command, you can view and resubmit your reports if necessary. Only those reports are available for resubmitting that have not exceeded 12 hours or the allowed limit of members response time has not expired;
  5. /mytasks – displays a list of uncompleted tasks assigned to you. Use the command if you want to perform some action on the current tasks;
  6. /onoff - allows to turn on or off bot notifications;
  7. /cancel – cancels the current event. Event - this is an any running scenario: a standup request, a polling request etc. Use the command if you need to skip or cancel an event waiting for your participation.