Monitor task execution, conduct stand-up meetings, tests, questionnaires, anonymous polls and assess the motivation of your remote employees via the messenger you using.


AssistBot features

AssistBot features

Task execution monitoring

Each employee responsible for his project will receive a regular list of questions in the messenger that he constantly uses. The bot will draw up all the collected responses in reports for you.

Standup meetings in the pocket

AssistBot will allow you to automate standup meetings using messengers of your team members, collect reports on the status of work and teams for a given period, monitor the level of employee motivation, and identify problems on time. The bot can share meeting results among all participants in a common channel.

Standup meetings in the pocket
Anonymous polls

Anonymous polls

Conduct 360-degree assessments, anonymous productivity surveys, healthchecks, tests, questionnaires. Find out what employees are experiencing emotional exhaustion.



Ability to receive notifications on submitting reports or tasks


Assign members into departments and roles

International teams

AssistBot takes into account the time zone of each member

Blockers indicator

Ability to highlight answers to critical questions

Motivation chart

AssistBot allows you to track the motivation of members


AssistBot takes into account the vacation and working time of each member

How it works

  • 1Go through quick registration
    Go through quick registration
  • 2Choose the optimal plan
    Choose the optimal plan
  • 3Add departments and members
    Add departments and members
  • 4Define a range of issues to monitor
    Define a range of issues to monitor
  • 5Receive detailed reports at a specified frequency
    Receive detailed reports at a specified frequency
Go through quick registration


Automation of stand-up meetings

Automation of stand-up meetings


What is a standup meeting?

This is a regular short meeting to synchronize the team. Participants taking part in a such meeting share the results of the previous day, talk about plans for the current day, and discuss current problems that blocking process of work.

What are the supported messengers?

At the moment AssistBot is integrated with Telegram and Microsoft Teams. In the near future we will implement integration with Slack and Google Chat.

What is the maximum number of members I can connect?

Depends on the selected plan. In the free plan you can connect maximum 5 members. In paid - unlimited number of members.

How much does it cost?

Our services is absolutely free. Just register and start using it.

Is it possible to give the bot its own name and logo?

You can do this only for the Telegram bot. During adding the company, you can upload your logo for the bot and give it any name you want.