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Setting working days, time, time zone and vacation dates

Setting up personal date and time settings for your AssistBot account

AssistBot provides possibility to set individual date and time parameters for each member of the company. In your personal settings you, as a member, can configure the following options:

  • Working days;
  • Work start and end time;
  • Time zone;
  • Vacation period.

The company administrators may change these options to all joined members at their discretion. Therefore, if you are a member of the company, you need to coordinate the date and time format with your administrator in advance.

Please note that the date and time settings work only if the administrator activates the following options in the created standup or task settings:

  • Take working days of each member;
  • Take vacation days of each member;
  • Take time zone of each member.

Read more about these settings in this section.

To change the data, you need:

  1. Go to "Profile settings":

  1. Set your working days:

  1. Set your work start and end time:

  1. Set your time zone. Enter the city name to find a needed location:

  1. Set your next vacation period. This will allow the system to disable all notifications for this period, but only if the administrator of the company you are joined has enabled using the vacations on his side.