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Telegram channel linking

How to link telegram channel to company to get notifications

If your company is connected to AssistBot via Telegram, you can set up automatic notification about incoming reports and completion of tasks in the Telegram channel. To connect you need:

  1. In the main menu of the messenger press "New channel" (on Android devices, you need to click on the button with pencil and select "New channel" on the opened page):

  1. Enter the channel name;
  2. Chat can be public or private by your desire:

  1. After creation, select "Manage Channel" in the channel’s menu:

  1. Add your bot linked to the company in AssistBot to the administrators:

  1. The bot must have permission to post messages:

  1. Enter the command /addchannel in the channel’s chat. The bot will ask you to enter company administrator's password (if after activating /addchannel you want to cancel the channel linking process, just type /cancel):

  1. Channel linking completed. To receive alerts, select this channel during creating a standup or task: