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Linking Telegram to the company

Linking Telegram to your company in AssistBot

  1. In the main menu, select the desired company:

  1. Go to "Management" > "Company";
  2. Click on the bot connection button:

  1. Select Telegram:

  1. Open the messaging window in the Telegram application with the @BotFather bot by clicking on this link;
  2. Click the START button in the messaging window:

  1. Select the /newbot command from the offered list:

  1. Come up and send any name you want for the bot. It could be your company name:

  1. Come up and send a unique nickname for the bot. The nickname should end with a bot. If the nickname you sent was already registered in Telegram, @BotFather will notify you and ask you to come up with a new one:

  1. Copy the token after "Use this token to access the HTTP API":

  1. Insert token in the field shown on the screenshot and click "Connect":

Linking is completed.

If you are an administrator of several companies in AssistBot, you will need to create and link Telegram bot separately for each company.