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What is AssistBot?

Short description of service features

AssistBot – this is a chat-bot service for automation the meetings and tasking for your remote commands via messengers. The main features of AssistBot:


Regular standups:

The feature allows you to automate regular standup meetings, make a retrospective analysis, survey employees, collect reports about current status of work and teams for a certain period of time, identify problems in time.


Tasks control:

This feature allows you to set and track tasks. Each employee responsible for his project will receive regular alerts in the messenger with a request to assess the status of particular task item execution. All collected reports will be processed by the bot for you into analytical reports.


Anonymous polls:

Anonymous polls allow you to identify team preferences in seconds, get useful information to improve relationships and take care of your employees. It makes it much easier to collect and analyze information about the team's status.


Motivation tracking:

With this feature you can collect daily statistics of the motivation level of your employees. This is useful for analyzing your decisions and their impact on the overall mood of your teams.