How to do 360 degree feedback?

Cases, 04.03.2021

Management does not always understand what the team's opinion of an employee is. One of the most effective methods to solve this problem is the "360 degree feedback" - a survey that effectively allows you to evaluate the professional qualities of an employee from the team.

  • The aims of the assessment;
  • Form the right talent pool;
  • Compare their own subjective assessment, to understand how you are seen by others;
  • Get honest feedback from the whole team;
  • Form effective project teams;
  • Understand the competence of a particular employee.

Based on the name, you can understand that this method involves assessing a particular employee from all sides. Ideally, the list of interviewees should look as follows:

  • Subordinates (if your team has any);
  • Colleagues or supervisors;
  • Immediate supervisor;
  • The interviewee himself.

The main rule of the survey - it must be ANONIMOUS. You must guarantee the anonymity of participants. Otherwise, conflicts may arise and the answers will not be sincere. Before the evaluation, explain to the participants the importance of the survey, for example:

360 degree feedback will help your colleague understand his or her strengths and weaknesses, form an unbiased peer opinion, and improve his or her potential as a professional. The survey is completely confidential.

These surveys will help you identify true leaders and objectively assess the atmosphere in your team.

Understanding the importance of assessment 360, the question arises with the method of its implementation, because it is not always easy to gather all the necessary participants regularly, to make them fill out questionnaires, especially if part of the team works from different parts of the earth.

AssistBot team offers you the easiest way to conduct a 360 survey - via messenger, which is used by the team. At the right time, the bot will personally survey each employee, and the anonymous results will be delivered directly to the channel or personal account of the team member targeted by the survey.

Let's look at how to set up a survey through AssistBot:

  • In the templates, select the "360 feedback survey" template:

  • Set up the template, in the "introduction", specify the name of the person being surveyed. You can change the questions themselves or create entirely your own:

  • Specify who the survey is for, select the individual employees or department where you want to conduct survey:

  • In the advanced settings, check the "Anonymous" checkbox;
  • Assigned employees will receive the survey in their messenger:

  • Analyze:

You can send the results to your personal account, email, or general / private channel. It's up to you to provide answers to the interviewee or give feedback through a supervisor.



The 360 feedback method is a great way to see who on your team is out of place and to get honest feedback. Even if your team is in different time zones, don't neglect this tool, which can make your team more aware and efficient. 

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